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Set 'Show Balloons' on by default for new users. By default, I think the 'Show Balloons' option should be enabled. This way, idiot new users like me can more easily see that the software is actually doing something.

hstraf, 28.09.2012, 09:59
Idea status: under consideration


jcollake, 28.09.2012, 20:34
Thank you, that is a good idea. Along with such I would need to add some easy way to toggle them off, and make the process a bit more intuitive. I'd also need to increase the throttling of the system tray events in high loads, despite them already being both throttled and combined even (e.g. if multiple events happen during the same polling interval). I will see what I can do! You are right, MANY users don't even realize the difference Process Lasso made until they uninstalled it!

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