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Need Portable

This type of softwares should have portable also because it is easy to carry and if any problem in pc also this will works all time

kmkmahesh, 28.09.2012, 08:01
Idea status: completed


jcollake, 28.09.2012, 20:30
The Portable Edition is available at http://bitsum.com/prolasso_portable.php . Special KEY file licenses are available for those who purchase a license. Due to the nature of these, they can not be given out freely. Otherwise, you can use normal activation codes with it, you just have to activate on each PC. It *does* write some things to the registry, though can be configured to use the INI and/or LOG from a thumb drive, etc..
Trucker, 29.09.2012, 05:47
It´s always a good idea to check the homepage... you get much more information about the programs than you would ever find anywhere else !

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